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Some of the scariest accidents we see involve 18 wheelers. Because 18 wheelers are so large, they can cause a lot more damage to other drivers on the road. Due to the heavy weight of these large trucks, you can have extensive medical injuries that will cost you thousands of dollars or more.

Negligence by drivers of 18 wheelers can require legal action to determine the at fault party. Our attorneys can help determine who is at fault in the accident. Trucking companies often try to distance themselves from the driver of the truck and the 18 wheeler involved to avoid liability. There are many other parties that could also be liable for a truck defect, such as the maintenance company or vehicle manufacturer. Instead of trying to deal with your defense, let The Báez Law Firm take care of you!

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Whether the accident was caused by a driver error or equipment problems, your compensation should be provided by those at fault. The Báez Law Firm can get you the recovery you deserve after this traumatic event. We will fight for your legal rights and get the compensation owed to you following the negligence of an 18 wheeler accident.

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