18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Were you in an accident involving a commercial 18 wheeler? Did someone driving a semi-truck fail to follow traffic laws causing a collision? Have you or a loved one been injured as a result of a reckless truck driver?

Auto accidents involving 18 wheelers can be very traumatic. Often these vehicles are much larger than the vehicles they hit, leading to greater impacts. At The Báez Law Firm, we have handled hundreds of trucking accidents. These types of accidents require an aggressive approach to help determine fault. Our attorneys will protect your rights by determining whether the employee driver of the commercial vehicle was performing his job duties at the time of the accident. This will ensure that the employee’s company cannot claim that it was the employee’s fault individually. Should the employer’s insurance company deny your claim, we will file the lawsuit to fight for your rights.

Injured by an 18 Wheeler?

In the lawsuit we will seek the necessary information to prove that the employer is at fault for not properly training and supervising its employee. Call the trucking accident attorneys at The Báez Law Firm so that we can get you the recovery you deserve. Remember, your consultation with our 18 wheeler accident attorneys is always free and you will never be charged a dime up front. We only recover attorney fees if you win your case.

Don’t delay in contacting The Báez Law Firm if you have been injured in an 18 wheeler accident. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can begin holding those companies accountable for the injuries their employees have caused.

Were you in an 18 wheeler accident in San Antonio? Were you injured by an 18 wheeler in Austin? Call The Báez Law Firm P.C., where we minimize your legal worries!