Who to Talk to After a Car Wreck or Truck Accident

No one ever sees a collision coming. Once it happens, emotions run high and people can feel scared, frantic and confused. We have an app that will help you figure out what to do in case of an accident, but it is also beneficial to get a sense of who you will need to talk…


5 Things Not to Do After a Car Crash

You may have an idea about what to do after an auto accident. But it is also helpful to know what you should not do in the event of a car wreck, so that you can act in accordance with the law and in your own best interests. For any collision that involves any kind…


Finding the Fault in a Truck Accident

David and Goliath is an epic tale of the little guy defeating a massively powerful giant, against all odds. When the Báez Law Firm takes on truck collision cases, we are the David and we know we can defeat the Goliath trucking companies on behalf of our clients.   With well over 400,000 commercial truck…


Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

An auto accident is a scary, jarring experience. It may be difficult to determine what to do first (we have an app to help with that), and how the collision will shape your future. Shock is the first thing to set in when a car crash occurs. It can prevent you from using your best…

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How Car Insurance Plays into Your Auto Accident Case

Texas law requires liability insurance, but not everyone follows the law. If you are involved in an accident and the other driver does not have liability insurance, or has only the minimum, you may need San Antonio car accident attorneys to help you receive the compensation you need to recover from your collision, financially, physically…


Why are we Personal Injury Attorneys?

“Why are you a personal injury attorney?” Many of our clients ask us why we started our San Antonio personal injury firm.  The answer is simple: I’ve spent my entire life helping people when they are in need, and being in an auto accident usually leaves people in need of aid. I am a veteran.…


Bus Accident Attorneys for San Antonio riders

Bus Accident Attorneys for San Antonio Riders Bus accidents in San Antonio are more common than you think. Most people know what to do when they are in an auto accident in San Antonio. Call an ambulance and the police. Contact a personal injury attorney to deal with your insurance agency. Make sure to follow…

Many car accidents are caused by rain

Car Accidents Caused By Rain

Car Accidents in San Antonio Caused by Wet Roads There are a number of major causes for car accidents, especially in the San Antonio and Austin areas.  A leading cause is actually wet weather.  Stormy conditions or even a light drizzle can leave the roads slippery and dangerous for motorists – even if you are…


Why hire a San Antonio truck accident lawyer?

It might seem like all accident lawyers are the same.  Personal injury attorneys tend to offer the same services across the board, from slip and fall cases to dog bites to car accidents.  If you are in an auto accident that caused you to rack up immense hospital bills (average cost of a car accident) and…

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Avoid Auto Accidents this Summer

Summer is finally here, and with it comes trips around the state and country!  As more families decide to take to the roads in search of some much needed relaxation, it is important to make sure safety is your primary concern while driving.  Whether you’ve found the self-proclaimed “best road trip route” ever, or just…