Car Wreck? Get a Lawyer in English or En Espanol!

San Antonio Accident Lawyers that speak Spanish The language barrier can often be a large issue when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. An excellent team of San Antonio car accident lawyers will do everything they can to accommodate an inquiry in another language. Here…


3 Ways to Handling an Accident with a Truck

San Antonio is home to a growing number of truck accidents every year Getting into a vehicle accident can be a shock, whether you’re driving, a pedestrian or perhaps a cyclist. San Antonio and Austin are home to blossoming population growth, and the risk of accidents is growing every day. The incident can be even more…


Car Accidents with an Uninsured Driver: A guide to compensation

Car accidents without insurance In today’s guidelines and advice, I thought I would answer one of the most common questions asked by many people that come through our doors. What happens when you have a car accident with a driver who lacks insurance? Sadly, it’s still all too common theses days. And, it would appear…


Avoiding Car Accidents with Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers lead to tragedy Ask most people about the most common cause of accidents on the road, and they are likely to think about drunk drivers. But, they would be wrong. What about mechanical failure? Wrong again. In fact, the largest number of vehicle incidents are caused by driver distractions. And, no matter how…


5 Ways Car Accident Lawyers Actually Save You Money

Accidents in San Antonio are no laughing matter Being involved in a vehicle accident is never nice, regardless of how harmless it seems at the time. And, when it’s no fault of your own, it can be even worse. There can be a lot at stake, from personal injury all the way through to reclaiming…


2 Mistakes After A Car Wreck That Can Lead To Bankruptcy

Accidents are expensive, but so are mistakes! Getting into a car wreck in San Antonio can throw off your daily routines in several ways. If you sustain any injuries, you could be unable to work for an undetermined amount of time. It could be difficult for you to do your usual tasks, from getting dressed…

small auto accident

The truth about a personal injury case as a result of an accident

At The Báez Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers see these types of cases on a daily basis. Although the term “personal injury” is broad, we are going to concentrate on injuries as a result of a car accident in this post. The reality is this: unless you have been injured, most personal injury lawyers…


What is your reason for the season?

The Christmas-Holiday season is yet upon us once again. This post is intended to make you reflect on the true-meaning that you personally give, in your life, to this time of year. For many, this time of year is about the Holidays. In fact, you will hear many people at the malls and stores telling…

The Baez Law Firm New Tag Line

Auto Accident Attorneys; our new tag line!

The Báez Law Firm has been serving San Antonio for several years now. When we started we were a general practice law firm. For the past ten years, we have been helping people in all areas of the law and we were very successful. Three years ago, we decided to condense the areas of law…