Baez Law Firm Winner

What Is Going On In Our Community?

We had the honor of attending the 16th Annual Pastors Appreciation Luncheon put on by San Antonio’s AM 630 KSLR on Thursday, October 29th, 2015. It was a wonderful experience for us to recognize and appreciate local pastors in our community. We often turn to our Pastor’s, Priests and Deacons in times of sadness, grievance and loneliness…


The Baez Law Firm is now your Auto Accident Attorneys in Texas!

As our law firm has expanded to other cities in Texas! We have made the decision to only focus on one area of law. Our Law Firm needed to put all emphasis on one area of law, so that we could serve more cities throughout Texas. In doing so, we have elected to only have lawyers and paralegals…


Welcome to our new attorney Alberto Velázquez

The Báez Law Firm would like to welcome Alberto Velázquez as our new attorney. He will be working along with our other lawyers in the firm to provide top legal representation to our clients. Mr. Velázquez comes to us from a very prestigious law firm in San Antonio, where he was working in the personal injury…

Firt Commercial for The Baez Law Firm

Why should you should choose The Baez Law Firm, P.C.

This post is not only an attempt to persuade you to choose our law firm, but it is also intended so that our potential customers get to know what we believe and what we stand for. The reason for it is very simple, our founder Mr. B has defined our path very clearly. He has…

Company Accident Lawyers

We hold companies responsible for auto accidents!

Driver inattention is one of the most common causes of company vehicle accidents. Not only in the nation, but in Texas as well. With the new rise of companies utilizing trucks to carry their cargo, fuel and other commodities, the accident rate has increased over the past few yeas. No one is safe, since these drivers…

281 and hildebrand road

Accident on 281 and Hildebrand Rd. today causes chaos

As I was taking my daughter to school today, I realized that the traffic was going slower than normal. Cars were moving very slow for miles. Eventually, the signs were informing us that there had been an accident and to drive to the far right lanes. I thought that was odd, but I proceeded to…

driver inattention

Driver’s inatention is on the rise…beware!

The beautiful city of San Antonio has enacted a new law. This is in order to help decrease the number of fatalities based on driver’s inattention; however, the phone is not the only culprit. Many drivers on our roads appeared to be in a hurry to get to their destinations. Others, are doing things that they should be…