Company Accident Lawyers

We hold companies responsible for auto accidents!

Driver inattention is one of the most common causes of company vehicle accidents. Not only in the nation, but in Texas as well. With the new rise of companies utilizing trucks to carry their cargo, fuel and other commodities, the accident rate has increased over the past few yeas. No one is safe, since these drivers…

driver inattention

Driver’s inatention is on the rise…beware!

The beautiful city of San Antonio has enacted a new law. This is in order to help decrease the number of fatalities based on driver’s inattention; however, the phone is not the only culprit. Many drivers on our roads appeared to be in a hurry to get to their destinations. Others, are doing things that they should be…

New PI Team!

Why do we have a PI Team?

The answer for the question is simple, because we don’t have any “Super Star!” Like the Saturday Night episode or the movie, other law firms allow one person to handle the entire process of personal injury. In our opinion, that is a recipe for disaster. That stings “imagine the picture of Molly Shannon smelling her…

Mr. Baez- Lead Attorney

Help us get the body of Bill Bohlke exhumed!

The Báez Law Firm’s quest for justice.   lawyers in Texas and he has sued more police chiefs and Sheriffs than any other lawyer in Texas.   On August 27, 2012, Mr. Bohlke was on his way to his former ranch, in order to show a bull to two individuals. Mr. Bohlke never came back.…

Bohlke’s Family Asking for Help

The Bohlke’s Family Plea For Help!

The Baez Law Firm has been representing the widow and the family of former Mayor of Hollywood Park Bill Bohlke, in connection with his murder case; however, the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff David Soward has refused to open an investigation. Here is the link to the story. The family has provided names of possible suspects…