The United States have some of the most strict drug laws in the world today. This is especially true when you compare us to our Western European counterparts. Marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, hashish, heroin, opioids and many other drugs are illegal here in the United States. So, what does that mean for you if you are caught with them in your possession?

If you are caught with any of the above listed drugs, with an exception for small amounts of marijuana, you are almost certainly looking at a felony charge of some sort. The range of punishment varies greatly, as do the circumstances in which those punishments are handed down.

The charges in drug-related crimes are incredibly fact dependant. For example, was there a firearm present? How about any evidence of scales, baggies or distribution network materials on sight where the drugs were found? Were the drugs found in a car or in a house? Was someone manufacturing the drugs or merely driving them around to be distributed to local dealers?

The fact is that no one case is exactly alike. As such, it is important to hire counsel that can adjust to this wide variety of circumstances and guide you to a beneficial outcome. If you find yourself grappling with such a situation, contact The Báez Law Firm today!

Prosecutors, police officers, and various other drug agencies spend billions of dollars per year to enforce these laws. They don’t care about you as an individual. They only see your arrest as another statistic in the war on drugs. It is vital, should you wish to fight your case, that you go into court with the right attorney. At The Báez Law Firm, we have proven results. Let us help you in your drug case.