The Federal system is a whole different ballgame in how you have to approach a criminal case. It is not as laid back as the state system is, nor as friendly. In the Federal system, there are mandatory sentencing guidelines, mandatory proceedings and other nuances that require a familiarity in order to obtain optimal results. In other words, you just can’t go into the Federal Courthouse and “wing it” for your client.

Federal prosecutors are widely known to “cherry-pick” their cases. What this means is that they only take the best cases provided to them from the FBI, DEA or U.S. Marshall’s office to prosecute. When you have been charged with a federal crime in Federal Court you need high-quality legal representation. Look no further than The Báez Law Firm.

Our Attorneys here at The Báez Law Firm are licensed in the Western, Southern, and Eastern Districts of Texas. If you “caught” a federal charge, we can handle it! Remember, the cards are stacked in favor of the federal prosecutor, don’t go at it alone! Go with The Báez Law Firm.