Motions to revoke probation, or MTRs, are written instructions, from your probation officer to a court of law, to send you back to jail or prison, and a very real threat to your liberty. Oftentimes, this sentence has a portion of itself that hangs over your head until probation is finished. If you are out of jail/prison, and pick up another charge while you are on probation, then your probation officer may file an MTR.

So, what does that mean for you? It means that the government, oftentimes probation, will want you to serve some additional time on your previous charge. This is at the same time that you are waiting to deal with the underlying charge that resulted in the MTR being filed in the first place. It’s complicated, but it happens every day. They are looking to put you away, and often for quite some time. The worst of all is that if you are in custody, it makes it all the more difficult to prepare a defense on the underlying charge.

If this happens to you, you need to get serious—and fast. MTRs are filed quickly. Don’t ever trust your probation officer when you call them and ask if they are going to file. Why? Because if they do, they issue a warrant for your arrest. Quite possibly the most important rule of all is that you have no friends in this battle against the government. That is, unless you hire The Law Offices of Edgardo R. Baez Jr.

At The Law Offices of Edgardo R. Baez Jr., we are no strangers to the MTR process. We have helped countless people who find themselves again in the criminal system. It is important that you have someone with skill on your side defending your rights. The office of probation and the prosecutor have one goal, and that is to put you away. They don’t care about your legal rights, we do. We can be your key to freedom. Trust The Law Offices of Edgardo R. Baez Jr. with your MTR.