This group of criminal allegations is quite broad in where it is found in the Texas Penal Code. It can pertain to rape, incest, indecent exposure, public lewdness, indecency with a child or an improper relationship with a person of authority. Most often, this subset of crime falls into child molestation and rape.

Most people consider rape to be sex without consent This is true, but it is not quite that simple. Did the alleged victim consent to sex after a night of drinking and come to regret it once sober? That happens more often than what is reported on the news. The sexual history of the alleged victim may also be a contributing factor for a jury to weigh if your case goes to trial. The fact is that rape is dramatized by the media, and you are starting off at a severe disadvantage if you are ever charged with this crime.

Child molestation has the same stigma throughout society. If charged with child molestation, you need a legal team that can overcome the facts alleged against you in a courtroom. Such an allegation affects nearly every aspect of your life. From relationships, family and employment, to even where you can travel and live. People who are charged falsely with molestation often go through intense depression and may even attempt suicide. If you’re facing these charges, you need someone to listen to your side of the facts and prepare the very best defense to get your life back on track.

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