This is the most common type of interaction between police and the average citizen. Whether you are ticketed for speeding, following too closely or driving without a license, your driving record is in danger. The natural question to ask then is why is that important? The answer is simple, driving is a privilege under Texas law—not a right.

So, what does that mean exactly? It means that the State of Texas can take your driver’s license away as you are not guaranteed the right to drive by either the Texas or U.S. constitutions. That is right—you are not owed a driver’s license!

It is hard to believe something so basic is not a guarantee, but that is the truth. Without a driver’s license, people face problems with employment, with children and even safety. With so much riding on your ability to get yourself and others around town, you can’t afford not to have a valid license.

Too often, people take tickets for what they actually are—an annoyance. The problem is that, if you don’t deal with them, these little annoyances can prevent you from driving. Even if they don’t prevent you from driving directly, they can make it so cost prohibitive, because of increased insurance costs, that you can no longer afford to drive.

If you find yourself with multiple traffic tickets, you need legal representation. The Báez Law Firm excels at representing Texas drivers. Our strategy is to get as many of those citations dismissed as possible and then negotiate a heavily reduced fine—otherwise we will go to trial. Most attorneys don’t go to trial because it takes too much time and effort—not The Báez Law Firm.

At The Báez Law Firm we are no strangers to the courtroom, and the prosecutors know it. They know that we will go to trial for you, and their fear of taking the case to the next level often secures our clients better deals. Don’t trust your driver’s license to anyone else but The Báez Law Firm.