This particular area of crime is sophisticated and often finds its way into the Federal system. It is not the “blood and guts” of television programs. It is the Wall Street level Ponzi schemes. Like other areas of criminal law, white collared crime is not codified in one particular statute. The most prominent of this area of crime is embezzlement. However, computer-related crimes are a growing subset.

Embezzlement is essentially the misappropriation of someone else’s funds. For example, have you ever had to borrow some money from the company bank account with the intent to actually pay them back later? If so, you could be looking at an embezzlement charge.

There is also the popular charge of theft of trade secret. For example, taking the recipe for a particular product and reproducing it on the side or selling the formula to someone else would fall under this charge. This is growing more and more prevalent as the area of intellectual property becomes more and more lucrative.

Don’t believe what you have seen on television. If you are convicted of white collared crime, you aren’t going to be housed in a country club type jail. You won’t. You could be housed with others who have committed violent crimes like murder, rape and aggravated assault. There won’t be any picnics.

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