Have you found that special child you would like to welcome into your home and your heart? Are you considering adoption? This is an exciting time for you and your family. At The Báez Law Firm, we want you to feel assured that we can help you and your family welcome that new child into your home. Come in and speak with one of our family law attorneys to learn more about the adoption process.

What is the definition of adoption?

Adoption is defined as the creation of a parent-child relationship between the adopting party and a child when the adopting party is not the biological parent of the child.

Do I adopt a child if I find out my girlfriend/ex-girlfriend is pregnant or had my child?

No, adoption would not apply in this situation. If DNA testing proves that you are the father of a child, or you would like DNA testing done to establish your paternity, you have other options available to you. I invite you to read over the sections dedicated to SAPCR’s and Suits to Adjudicate the Parentage.

Who may adopt?

Under the Texas Family Code, any adult may adopt.

Who can I adopt?

A child who lives in Texas may be adopted if:

  • The parents of the child have had their parental rights terminated
  • You are stepparent of the child
  • You are a former stepparent who meets certain requirements

I am married, do both my husband and I need to adopt by the child?

If you are married, both spouses must adopt the child together.

What are the effects of adopting a child?

Once you have adopted a child, a parent-child relationship is established between yourself and that child. This can have many legal effects. You would be financially responsible for that child and for the care and control of your child. If you and your spouse are adopting the child together, in the event of you and your spouse divorcing, you would have to consider visitation, possession and access, and the payment of child support. Your adopted child would also be able to inherit from you just as though they were your biological child.

May I adopt a child from another county?

To be able to fully answer this question, we invite you to come in and speak with one of our family law attorneys. When considering adoption of a child from another county, there are many factors which must be considered. Give us a call at 210-979-9777 to schedule your appointment today.

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