paternity-lawyer-in-san-antonioHave you filed for a divorce and you and your spouse had a child during the marriage? Are you a parent trying to establish child support, conservatorship and possession and access to your child? The attorneys at The Báez Law Firm can help!

What is a SAPCR?

In Texas, a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship is known as a “SAPCR.” This is the name that is given by the courts when a suit is filed which affects the interest of a child. This may arise in a number of situations. For example, when a couple is going through a divorce and they had a child together. In this situation, a SAPCR is automatically combined with the divorce proceeding. If the parties involved are not married, a SAPCR may arise when one parent wishes to establish conservatorship and possession and access to their child, establish child support, medical support, etc.

Who can file a SAPCR?

You may be able to file a SAPCR if:

  • You are the child’s parent
  • You are the custodian or person having visitation or access rights to the child, appointed by an order of a court in another state or county
  • You are the guardian of the child’s person or estate
  • You are a man alleging paternity
  • You have had actual care, control, and possession of the child for at least six months You have resided with the child and the child’s parent, guardian, or conservator for at least six months and that parent, guardian, or conservators is deceased when the suit is filed.
  • You are the child’s foster parent
  • You are related to the child within the third degree of consanguinity (blood or adoptive relative), if the child’s parents are deceased when the petition is filed.
  • You are a grandparent who meets the standing requirements

Entities that may file a SAPCR:

The following are entities that may be able to file a SAPCR:

  • A governmental entity authorized by the State
  • A public social agency authorized to care for a child. For example, the Department of Family and Protective Services.
  • A licensed child-placing agency

Who does not have standing to bring a suit?

A former parent who has had their parental rights terminated by a court order does not have standing to file a SAPCR.

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