personal-injury-lawyer-san-antonioHave you been injured in a car accident, 18 wheeler accident or motorcycle accident? At the Baez Law Firm, we specialize in personal injury law specific to car accidents. If you have been injured at no fault of your own, you deserve the financial and emotional support necessary for a full recovery.

Serious personal injuries, whether in an automobile, at your workplace or on an unsafe premises, can be mentally, physically and financially overwhelming. If you’re in need of legal help due to a costly car crash injury, you can trust The Báez Law Firm. For over 15 years, our team of car accident attorneys has helped the residents of San Antonio and Bexar County successfully settle their personal injury matters with the best legal representation and service.

When a person in injured, liability has to be established in order to protect that person’s rights. That is what we do best. Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers specialize in the protection of our clients’ rights. Your well-being is important to us. To get you back in good health, our dedicated staff members will handle contacting insurance companies and even set up your doctor’s appointments.

Our approach to personal injury is unique because our doctors are the best in the business. We have general and orthopedic surgeons, pain doctors and many other healthcare professionals ready to help our clients at a moment’s notice. Our valuable knowledge and resources continue to grow, serving our clients and our community. We want you to get the help and treatment that you deserve.