burn-lawyer-san-antonioIf you’ve experienced a work-related burn injury, the medical bills and lost wages only add to the pain and suffering of being burned or scalded by chemicals, flames, hot liquids or explosions.

First-Degree Burns
In a first-degree burn, only the outer layer of skin is damaged.

Second-Degree Burns
Second-degree burns, also known as Partial Thickness burns, damage the outer layer of skin (epidermis).

Third-Degree Burns
Painful third-degree burns, also known as Full Thickness burns, can damage the deepest layer of skin (dermis) and tissues beneath it.

Burn victims need adequate time and medical attention to recover from the pain, blistering, peeling skin and even shock they may experience. The Baez Law Firm is here to ensure that you receive the treatment and financial restitution necessary for a full and happy life.