dwi-san-antonio-lawyerHave you lost a loved one due to a drunk driver? Where you travelling late at night when another car crossed the median and hit your vehicle? Was that driver subsequently found to be driving under the influence?

Drunk drivers pose a monumental risk to the general public. When an inebriated person gets behind the wheel, they are putting their life in jeopardy along with everyone else on the road. It is imperative that you contact our drunk driving accident attorneys so that we can aggressively pursue your case.

In cases we have handled, the jury has awarded punitive damages against the drunk driver for their intentional or wanton disregard for our client’s safety. Our drunk driving accident attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in this area of law. We know what questions to ask and to whom they should be asked. In other cases, we have been able to prove that the drunk driver was served alcohol at local establishment. We were able to prove that the drinking establishment knew the person was intoxicated yet continued to serve them alcohol. This area of the law is called Dram Shop liability and our attorneys will use it when warranted to help increase your recovery and get you the settlement you deserve.

Drunk drivers can destroy lives, do not let a drunk driver re-victimize you by not pursuing a claim. Contact our drunk driver accident attorneys so we can help you in your healing process.

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