industrial-accident-lawyer-san-antonioRecently in the news the Waco, Texas area experienced a catastrophic event when a production plant, and its surrounding area, was decimated in an industrial explosion. Industrial companies often deal with toxic, volatile chemicals that can lead to catastrophic injuries.

Many of these accidents result in severe injuries or sometimes even death. If you had a loved one pass away due to an industrial accident, contact our industrial accident attorneys immediately so that we can help you seek the justice and closure that you deserve. Industrial accidents are often caused by co-workers who fail to follow company protocol, but this does not absolve the company of fault. Even if the company says they are not at fault, we will pursue every action available to help you win your case.

Industrial accidents can also be caused due to company neglect with toxic, noxious chemicals. Our industrial accident attorneys have dealt with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to check applicable standards and guidelines to see if they were followed before the accident. Our industrial accident attorneys have reviewed EPA inspections to prove that the industrial company knew about the failures or violations and did nothing to correct those failures and protect their employees.

When an industrial accident happens, do not sit idly by. Contact The Báez Law Firm P.C. so that we can give you your free case evaluation. During this comprehensive evaluation, our industrial accident attorneys will explain your avenues of recovery. Our attorneys will help you anticipate any potential pitfalls or difficulties. Most importantly, we will help you along the difficult path to recovery. Remember, with The Báez Law Firm P.C., there is never an upfront charge for attorney fees in an industrial accident case. If we do not help you win your case, there will be no attorney fees.

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