insurance-bad-faith-san-antonioEveryone knows that the weather in Texas can change in an instant. Was your house damaged recently in a hail storm? Did you file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company and the claim was denied? Did the insurance company estimate provide little to no relief of your property damage?

You have rights! If your insurance company is not participating with you in good faith, contact our insurance bad faith attorneys so that we can get you the recovery you deserve. In a property damage claim, our attorneys will work with a team of professionals to get an unbiased estimate of the property damage.

In many of these cases, the independent inspectors come back with whole roof replacements when the insurance inspector simply said there was only a few hundred dollars’ worth of damage. If the amount in controversy is significant, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf against the insurance company. Occasionally in these disputes, the insurance company will invoke the “appraisal” process. Come talk to our insurance bad faith attorneys so they can explain the scope of this process and what we do at The Báez Law Firm P.C. to protect your rights and advance your case.

At The Báez Law Firm P.C., we take great pride in helping the little guy, those clients who pay their premiums and expect for the insurance company to protect them. Unfortunately, our clients find out that insurance companies only protect themselves and their shareholders. Contact us immediately if your insurance company is not treating you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Call The Báez Law Firm P.C., where we minimize your legal worries!