pedestrian-injury-lawyer-san-antonioPedestrian accidents are often the most emotionally traumatizing type of accidents. Many drivers on roads today do not understand traffic laws that give pedestrians the right of way. For instance, it is well known that drivers of motor vehicles have to yield the right of way to pedestrian who are in a crosswalk, but did you know that when a driver is coming from a private drive to a public road, the driver must yield the right of way to the pedestrian.

It is not uncommon for pedestrian accident clients to suffer severe emotional distress along with pain and suffering. We will make sure you get the treatment you need to get you back on the road to a full recovery. Recently, our office handled a pedestrian accident where the available insurance was not enough to pay for our client’s medical bills. We were able to successfully negotiate with the medical providers in order to pay our client’s medical bills and leave our client with money for future medical bills. Our pedestrian accident attorneys will put you, the client, first and make sure that every avenue is taken to protect your rights.

At The Báez Law Firm P.C., our pedestrian accident attorneys know Texas law. We will help you recover the settlement you deserve. If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, call us as soon as possible so that we can get you on the road to recovery and justice.

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