product-liability-san-antonioProduct liability is a wide area of law that encompasses, in part, retail products for consumers, prescription drugs and medical devices. Were you injured due to a faulty pacemaker? Was your child injured because his toy car was painted with lead-based paint? Were you diagnosed with an additional illness because of the taking of a certain prescription drug?

Contact our product liability attorneys so that we can help you on your road to recovery. When you are injured by a medical device, that is promised to improve your life and help you overcome your condition, it is quite a shock to find out the very device that was supposed to help you has been the cause of an egregious injury. Our team of legal professionals will help prove that the device was faulty, either by design or implementation, so that you can get the recovery you deserve.

When you take a prescription drug that promises to alleviate your symptoms, but in practice makes your daily life more difficult, you need The Báez Law Firm P.C. to help correct this wrong. When a prescription drug harms the public, pharmaceutical companies claim that that other factors are the true cause of the harm such as obesity, diabetes or pre-existing conditions. At The Báez Law Firm P.C., our prescription drug attorneys know how to prove that a pharmaceutical company is at fault. Do not let the pharmaceutical company take advantage of you. Contact our pharmaceutical liability attorneys today!

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