Semi-Truck Accident Attorney in San Antonio

Everyday thousands of semi-trucks transport goods across the country utilizing the interstate highway system. These 18 wheelers can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. when fully loaded. Accidents involving semi-trucks require semi-truck attorneys that know how to prosecute these type of cases. Commercial vehicle drivers, or CDLs, are required to follow special rules and regulations mandated by the Federal government. Often these drivers have to meet specific delivery deadlines and are required to disregard operating safeguards in order to meet those deadlines. The end result is tired commercial vehicle drivers who, in order to stay awake, take copious amounts of caffeine or, even worse, illegal drugs.

These drivers pose a high risk to the general population. The lawyers at The Báez Law Firm P.C. seek to hold these drivers and their employers accountable for the injuries they cause in 18-wheeler accidents. Our trucking accidents attorneys know how to litigate these cases and get you the results you deserve. Every year, our 18-wheeler accident attorneys attend special training classes to stay current with the current Federal guidelines for commercial drivers. When you are involved in an 18-wheeler accident, contact us so that we can put the insurance on notice and request to inspect the truck and trailer. Our experience legal professionals will identify if the truck and trailer have been properly serviced and maintained. Our semi-truck attorneys will review the commercial driver logs to see if the driver was fatigued or violating Federal law by operating outside specified guidelines.

At The Báez Law Firm P.C., our semi-truck accident attorneys will fight to protect your interests. We will be your advocate and make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you during the most difficult time in your life. Contact us so that we can help you recover what you deserve. Call The Báez Law Firm P.C., where we minimize your legal worries!