work-injury-lawyer-san-antonioHave you been injured at work? Call us immediately at the Baez Law Firm!

In many cases, workers’ compensation doesn’t cover all of the necessary medical expenses and living expenses during your treatment and recovery from a work injury. Once you file and accept workers’ compensation from your employer, you can longer hold them liable for additional damages. Before you accept workers’ compensation, talk to the workplace injury attorneys at The Baez Law Firm. We will make sure that you get your fair share when it comes to covering all medical and living expenses related to your injury.

Often, a party other than your employer is responsible for your injury at work. You can accept the much needed workers’ compensation from your employer and still hold the third party liable for additional damages. If you need guidance with a third-party case call us today at The Baez Law Firm!

Don’t forget, all injured employees must notify their employer within 30 days of the injury and additionally by submitting an Employer’s Notice of Injury form within one year of the injury date.