wrongful deathHave you lost a loved one due to someone’s wrongful action? Was your loved one working in the oil field when they were injured and subsequently passed away? Was your loved one driving home from church when they were hit by a drunk driver?

Accidents resulting in death are the most tragic personal injury accidents that our wrongful death attorneys handle at The Báez Law Firm P.C. We understand that at this difficult time, the last thing a family or loved one wants to do is fight an insurance company. This is why we will take every step possible to bring to justice the person or people that hurt your loved one. We will make sure to keep you informed of the status of your case and what steps are being taken to protect your interests.

The most important thing our wrongful death attorneys do is try and bring you and your family some level of closure during a very difficult healing process. We seek to ensure that your loved one is honored in memory and deed. If your loved one was involved in an accident, contact us immediately so that we can protect your legal interests. When you come in to meet with one of our wrongful death attorneys, they will explain to you the course of action they would take in the case, and what they can do to help you win and recover a satisfactory settlement. Our wrongful death attorneys never charge for consultations and we do not recover attorney fees unless you win your case.

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