Company Vehicle Accidents in San Antonio

Car accidents can happen at any time. You could be on your way to a Spurs game, heading home from the River Walk, meeting friends for a movie. Many drivers are unprepared and don’t know what to do when you are in a car accident, let alone injured in one. If the driver responsible for your injury was driving a company car, the company may also be liable. The legal team at The Báez Law Firm is here to help you navigate this difficult time.

Types of Company Vehicles

Company vehicles can take many shapes. They can be the 18 wheeler transporting produce, a CEO’s company coupe, a caterer’s company van, or a simple sedan. If you’re injured in an accident by a company vehicle, it doesn’t matter what shape they take. They should be held responsible. The Báez Law Firm’s team of San Antonio company vehicle accident lawyers know how to protect your rights and want to help get you back on your feet.

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